The Maduro regime accuses Maria Corina Machado of magnicide


María Corina speaks to Venezuela

Maria Corina Machado to Nicolas Maduro:

"The moment of change is coming, they cannot stop it anymore, so today I repeat to Mr. Maduro, who wants to accuse me of magnicide: The day that the change happens in Venezuela and you are out of power, I will do everything within my reach to preserve your life and make you face justice. I do want you out of Miraflores [presidential palace] now, but I want you alive, so you face the justice that you and your regime have denied to all Venezuelans, and that is what I dedicate all the days of my life."

A new false accusation

Once again, the regime led by Nicolás Maduro is attacking and persecuting the National Coordinator of Vente Venezuela and Opposition leader María Corina Machado. On this occasion, they are resorting to false accusations that incriminate her in a military conspiracy for overthrowing the Government and point at her as the leader of the conspiracy, even acussing her of magnicide. This information was revealed in a special report by the international media company Bloomberg, entitled “Inside the Failed Plot to Overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro”, which was published on June 27, 2018.

The purpose of this new episode is repeating exactly the same script that the Maduro regime resorted to in the year 2014. Back then, officers of the Armed Forces were tortured and pressure was exerted on them forcing them to declare against Machado and Antonio Ledezma -who was then the Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas- and Pedro Mario Burelli, along with other Venezuelans, in order to charge them with conspiracy. This was stated during a public hearing that took place in the Organization of American States (OAS), by a witness, retired Lieutenant Colonel José Gustavo Arocha Pérez, who managed to escape after having been the victim of torture and inhuman treatment.

The special feature article explains how the discontent in the Armed Forces of Venezuela has escalated during the past few months, as well as how several dozen military officers have been arrested and tortured. Attempts are being made at accusing them of planning a coup d´état. Bloomberg assures that its journalists had access to the file where the regime is trying to incriminate María Corina Machado in the rebellion and believes that this alleged plot would probably be “the biggest threat to Maduro in his five years in office”. This investigation article also points out that, according to the surveys made by intelligence officers in the different branches of the military, Machado ranks exceptionally high as a political leader.

María Corina Machado has denied outright any involvement in this military operation that she clearly sees as a new excuse of the Venezuelan regime to intimidate, persecute and imprison the leader of Vente Venezuela. She is being intimidated and persecuted precisely because she has opted to stay in Venezuela. She has always evidenced a firm position against the regime and has openly denounced it internationally as a narcodictatorship. Furthermore, she is periodically touring the country and is close to the Venezuelan citizens in their fight for freedom and she is well known for always saying the truth out loud. When she addresses civilians and the military, the Venezuelan civil society and the international community, her messages have always been direct and forceful. The regime has been unable to silence her and this attempt will not be the exception.

During the past three weeks Machado has received countless messages expressing the solidarity of the international community -among them, the  statements of the Organization of American  States (OAS), as well as its Secretary General, Luis Almagro,  the Foreign Affairs Ministries of Brazil and Canada, 26 former Heads of State and Government, members of the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (IDEA), the Liberal Network of Latin America (RELIAL) and the Liberal International (LI), as well as Senators and Congressmen of the United States and Colombia, among other nations.

Machado has ratified her commitment with Venezuelans and has ratified that she will remain in the country, now more than ever, because the transition towards democracy is indeed very near and Venezuelan will prevail.


The special report by Bloomberg

The international media Bloomberg published a special report on June 27, entitled "Inside the failed plot to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro" or “Dentro de la conspiración fallida para derrocar al presidente venezolano Nicolás Maduro”, where they reveal the pretension of the Maduro regime of linking María Corina Machado with a military conspiracy and a magnicide. Here the complete texts, in English and in Spanish.

English (original)

Sebastiana Barraez follows up the case

The journalist on militar issues Sebastiana Barraez was the first to warn about this pretension of the Nicolás Maduro regime. This was made known in an article published on the Punto de Corte blog, entitled "In file for magnicide they implicate María Corina.". The following week, she continued to address the case, with the article "Only in 2018: 82 military officers arrested for conspiracy.". This week, she published a third article, called "Violating the rights of detained soldiers." .

Part I
Part 2
Part 3

El Nuevo Herald refers to the case (Spanish)

Lacking evidence, Maduro uses torture to incriminate Machado in case of magnicide | Antonio María Delgado

Opinion articles

In recent weeks, several opinion articles have been published that support María Corina Machado and express concern about this new threat from the Venezuelan regime.

Foreign Policy (English) | Don’t Let Venezuela’s Government Smear the Opposition’s Brightest Star | José R. Cárdenas
PanAm Post (Spanish) | They are afraid of María Corina | Orlando Avendaño
Noticiero Digital (Spanish) | María Corina Machado | Antonio Sánchez García

International support

Ministries of Foreign Affairs and organizations around the world have expressed their support to Machado and their genuine concern for the persecution of which she is a victim.


Support from global leaders

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